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Accounting software developer, freee, has a company goal: to encourage its employees to contribute more, collaborate better and communicate effectively. However, communication tools such as Slack and email saw employee productivity decrease instead. The flood of information from both tools made it difficult for freee employees to sift out what was important.

To achieve their goal, the software company needed a communication platform that filters out noise so employees can stay on top of business-critical updates, enabling them to respond efficiently to what’s important.

The management team at freee decided on implementing Workplace because it uses advanced AI technology to identify and show updates on projects important to users, allowing them to respond efficiently to business-critical content. Also, Workplace Live Video provides a platform for real-time updates during meetings — building a culture of transparency and openness.


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How Workplace helped

Harnessing the power of AI for employee efficiency

Harnessing the power of AI for employee efficiency

Previously, freee employees were using traditional communication tools like email and enterprise chat software. The issue: these tools did not filter out important information that mattered to the user, making it tough for the employees to achieve an optimal level of productivity.

Running on advanced AI, Workplace’s News Feed provided freee employees with a personalized guide on the latest in the business — showing them updates from their team and projects they are involved in. On top of that, features such as likes, comments and reactions enable employees to give instant feedback, allowing them to always stay connected.
Cross-office engagements made possible with live-stream

Cross-office engagements made possible with live-stream

With offices located across the region, it was clear freee needed a way to keep employees informed about projects and updates that involved them. This is where Workplace’s Live Video comes in.

By enabling on-demand recording of meetings, freee employees now partake in project-based and company-wide discussions, even if they’ve missed the live broadcast. Employees can easily refer to the videos, tap into the best ideas, share suggestions and emulate best practices — showcasing Live Video’s vital role in improving freee’s corporate culture successfully.

Scalable collaboration

Scalable collaboration

When it comes to product development at freee, all employees are given the opportunity to contribute. As such, it needed a platform that enabled ubiquitous communications. With tools that allow freee teams to communicate, collaborate and connect across desktop and mobile, Workplace has become integral in its drive towards greater inclusion from the entire company.

“When we were using other work collaboration tools, it was not clear which information appearing on the screen was important and there was pressure to catch up on everything. However, with Workplace, we can see useful content more easily and respond without feeling the need to do so instantly.”

Daisuke Sasaki

Daisuke Sasaki

CEO and Co-founder, freee

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