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Workplace Mobile

Because Workplace is from Meta, it's designed with mobile in mind. That means every Workplace feature works brilliantly on any sized screen.

Stay connected to your organization from anywhere on mobile

Keep everyone up to date even when they’re on the go. Share posts in groups, tag colleagues, respond to comments and send reactions - all on the Workplace app.

Share content in Knowledge Library

Give everyone quick access to key company information, important resources and latest announcements on their mobile device, no matter where they’re working from.

Stay connected with Workplace Live Video

Join team meetings and town halls from anywhere on the Workplace mobile app. Keep everyone engaged and connected by broadcasting live events that are accessible to all.

Get more work done on Workplace Chat

Chat to colleagues in an easy way, share files with your team and send videos on your Workplace Chat app. Or jump on a quick audio or video call to get answers straight away.

Give your frontline easy access from their mobile

Make it easy for your frontline workers to connect with the rest of the organization on their mobile from anywhere thanks to features like Access Codes and controls.

Communicate better with your frontline on Workplace Mobile

Workplace keeps you connected to your work and your teams directly from your phone. That means it’s easy for everyone in your company to stay up to date with the latest information, no matter where they happen to be. And because Workplace is designed for mobile, your frontline workers can easily use the same powerful features as desktop users.

Workplace Mobile


This feature is only available if your Workplace system admin has enabled it. Chat in the Workplace mobile app has many of the same features as the Workplace Chat mobile app, including bots. The key difference is that you can’t make or join audio or video calls using the Workplace app, but you can in the Workplace Chat app. Find out more in the Help Center.

To change the mobile number you use, go to the ‘Security and Login’ section of your Workplace settings and click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Use two-factor authentication’. Find the device you want to change and click ‘Manage’, then select ‘Use different phone number’. Enter your Workplace password and the phone number you want to use for two-factor authentication, then click ‘Continue’. Enter your six-digit code and click ‘Continue’ again.

The Workplace app relates to the set of features that are provided by most of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and which are natively supported by the mobile operating systems. The Workplace Chat app relates to the features that are specifically supported by Workplace apps, which can receive certain configuration values to be deployed with the application to enable concrete features for the users. Find out more about Enterprise Mobility Management and using Workplace apps on your corporate devices.

"Workplace offers an all-in-one communication platform that is international, feels natural, and is used by employees in offices and on the ground every day, mixing institutional and operational information, all with extraordinary simplicity."

Ignacio Eceiza

Head of Digital Skills Center, Euralis

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