How do I create an Action Item on Workplace?

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Action Item posts can be created by any user. You can add Action Items to your posts to effectively communicate follow-ups from meetings or as to-do lists for members of your team.
To create an Action Items post:
  1. Go to the group you'd like to make the post in and click on the Composer.
  2. Select Action Items.
  3. Write something about your list and add your action item.
  4. To add more action items, press Return on your keyboard.
  5. You can tag colleagues with an @ mention.
Only the user that posted can edit the post, but action items can be ticked off by anyone within the group.
If you create an action items post, you will be notified when each action is marked as done or undone. If you are tagged next to an action item, you will be notified when the action item has been posted. Once you have ticked off the item associated with your tag, you will no longer receive notifications.
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