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This podcast series is designed to help you navigate the new working world we live in. Listen to The Workplace Effect every month, where we aim to help you turn your company into a community. We’ll hear from industry experts, Workplace customers and different hosts….and each will add their own insights and top tips from their field of expertise to create a living manifesto that will grow with each listen. Think of this as a handbook…for your Workplace.

The Workplace Effect: Success Stories - Emotional Intelligence with North East Ambulance Service - Mark Cotton

#TheWorkplaceEffect • January, 2023

Emotional Intelligence Management with Daniel Goleman

We’re excited to welcome the brilliant Daniel Goleman to the Workplace Effect today. Daniel is a renowned psychologist, consultant and leading world expert in emotional intelligence who is well known for his 1995 landmark book, Emotional Intelligence, which was on The New York Times bestseller list for a year-and-a-half. Emotional intelligence has been shown to improve the performance of organizations more generally and make leadership more effective. So, in this episode we explore how we can go about building emotional intelligence into online and offline management culture to reap these benefits.

Digital Learning with Emma Ip from Great Ormond Street Hospital

As we’ve explored throughout this series, the working world is becoming increasingly digitized, which feels natural to many, but how do we ensure that we don’t exclude or alienate those that might not have the same proficiency or digital literacy? In this episode, Lisa Winstanley talks to Emma Ip from the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) about the importance of digital learning and specifically for those working on the front-line. This episode explores the issues and challenges that can arise from implementing these initiatives (especially at such scale in an enormous organization like the NHS) as well as the outcomes, benefits and opportunities that have presented themselves.

Introduction to the Metaverse with Stephen McDonnell

Lisa Winstanley is back in the hosting hot seat today. There’s been plenty of talk on how the next iteration of the internet – an internet you can step inside – using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will change gaming, entertainment, and social connections. But the metaverse also means profound changes when it comes to the world of work. So, let’s dive out of this world and into the Metaverse to find out more with a leading expert, Stephen McDonnell.

Work Culture with Bruce Daisley (Ex-VP of Twitter and author of Fortitude)

This month's host, Lisa Winstanley, is joined by a Technology Leader and Powerhouse in the field, Bruce Daisley. They discuss the importance of culture in the workplace. Is it as elusive as we think and what can both individuals and companies do to help create a positive working culture? Bruce shares all his incredible experience and insights.

Hybrid Working with Jane Sparrow (Author and founder of The Culture Builders and Tuddl)

This month's host, Cinzia Soro, welcomes the Author and founder of The Culture Builders and Tuddl, Jane Sparrow, as they discuss why the new hybrid working model works for both the employer and the employee.

Employee Experience and integration of Bots in the Workplace

We kick off the brand new series of The Workplace Effect by looking at the Employee Experience. Our first host, Nikki Duberry, talks to Tom Gibby, co-founder of The Bot Platform as they discuss why bots are here to stay and how they can help connect you and your employees.

WW (Weight Watchers): Bringing the frontline and C-suite together

Find out how WW used Workplace to build a strong sense of community and employee connection between the frontline and C-suite during one of its most difficult periods to date.

The Power of DE&I in the Workplace: Sun Life

Learn how financial services organization Sun Life uses Workplace to make sure diversity, equity and inclusion are at the centre of their community. #communications

Honest Burgers: Building an inclusive culture with bots

Find out how UK burger chain, Honest Burgers, made the most of automation and bots to tackle some of the biggest industry challenges brought on by the global pandemic. #automation #culture #communications

Lockton: Building and protecting culture capital

Lockton Companies, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage, tell us how Workplace integrates with their technology ecosystem to empower employees across the organization. #automation #culture #engagement

Divisions Maintenance Group: Reinventing internal comms

Discover how Workplace helped Divisions Maintenance Group, an integrated facilities management service, strengthen relationships with customers and employees while making internal comms more engaging. #communications #engagement #culture

IFS: Authentic leadership communication

Growing company-wide connections is easier said than done in the hybrid workforce. We talked to enterprise software solution provider, IFS, about nurturing strong employee engagement across the board. #communications #engagement #culture

AB InBev: Onboarding in virtual environments

We talked to the world’s leading brewer, AB InBev Africa, about virtual hiring, the role of onboarding in creating positive employee experiences, and how it’s being adapted for hybrid workforces. #communications #culture

Virgin Atlantic: Connected comms in challenging times

Find out how open and transparent communication helped Virgin Atlantic keep its people connected and engaged during the global pandemic. #communications #engagement #culture

Ennismore: Nurturing community in remote working

Discover how Ennismore, a global hospitality developer and operator, makes the most of Workplace to promote a strong brand culture while encouraging employees to be authentic at work. #engagement #culture

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