New Ovum report says Workplace is becoming an important digital workspace technology

According to Ovum, Workplace has a compelling proposition as a platform intended to connect the entire workforce, not just back-office or desk-bound workers.

Key points from the report:

  • Key adoption driver has been the growing need from leaders of large businesses to look for solutions that help them take the pulse of their organization. Solutions that support them and other employees in understanding people and work dynamics more accurately
  • Workplace has good adoption rates. Some large global businesses are now using Workplace including Nestle, Virgin Atlantic, Walmart, Spotify, and Domino's
  • Workplace use has less barriers than other tools because the user interface is similar to Facebook
  • In January 2019, Nestle announced it would be deploying Workplace for use by its 200,000-plus employees. Even more interesting is that Nestle is adopting Workplace as a replacement for Salesforce Chatter

“Workplace has the potential to become a hub of business communication and collaboration, as well a productivity portal that helps employees more easily interact with important business workflows and undertake important work-related tasks.”

- Ovum report, February 2019

Change is at the heart of every successful digital initiative. Digital transformation is encouraging companies to rethink how they operate to meet the demands of their customers and employees. And it means they're changing to embrace agile working practices and encourage an innovative culture.

Solutions that can help everyone communicate and collaborate more effectively are important in achieving success.

“Being able to better connect front-office and mobile workers with their back-office colleagues can help businesses realize new efficiencies, including support for more agile and iterative work styles, by improving employee engagement via positive feedback loops, and by supporting a shift from siloed methods of communication to improved team collaboration.”

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