Workplace Basics

A template communication plan to help you onboard employees to Workplace.

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Workplace is a simple and intuitive tool that most of your employees will acclimate to quickly. But to ensure everyone in your organization can get up to speed fast, we’ve created a template communication plan you can use to onboard employees and introduce them to Workplace basic features and functionality.

The Workplace Basics Campaign Kit makes sharing Workplace knowledge simple. It contains template text and and assets you can use for each of your Workplace education posts. Here are a few steps you should take before getting started:

1. Create a group

1. Create a Group

Create an open “Workplace Tips & QA” group. You’ll be using the group to share the posts outlined in this campaign. It will also be a place for members of your organization to ask questions and get support. Add a description to your group to explain what the group can be used for. You can also add a custom cover photo, see the cover photo sizing guidelines here.

2. Make a default group

2. Make the group a default group

Make the group a default group to automatically add all the existing members of your organization and to ensure that new Workplace users are automatically added to the group.

To make a group a default group:

  1. On desktop, go to the Admin Panel, click Groups then click next to the “Workplace Tips & QA” group
  2. Select Add to Default Groups
  3. Select Click Add all current community members to the group, then click Ok
Note: only community admins can make a group a default group.

3. Assign moderators

3. Assign moderators

Make your champions moderators of the group. As moderators, they’ll be responsible for answering employee questions and removing any posts or comments on posts that aren’t helpful or relevant to the group’s purpose.

To make someone a moderator of your group:

  1. From the group, click Members
  2. Click ... next to the coworker you'd like to make a moderator
  3. Click Make Moderator and confirm your selection.
Note: only group admins can assign moderators to a group

4. Enable Topics

4. Enable Topics

Enable Topic tags to help organize discussions and make posts easily discoverable. You’ll be adding “Workplace Basics” and the name of the feature you’re covering as Topics to each of your posts.

To enable Topics:

  1. Go to your group and click on the … in the top right hand corner
  2. Select Admin Options, then click on Group Settings
  3. Select Post Topics, then select Allow Members to Create Topics
  4. Click Save

5. Start sharing Workplace knowledge

5. Start sharing Workplace knowledge

Once you’ve taken these steps, you’re ready to start sharing Workplace Basics tips in your group. The Workplace Basics communication plan is built to be used as-is. Just copy the text in the sample post, make changes as needed, upload the files linked to from the Campaign Kit and share your post in the group.

And be sure to check out other campaigns such as:

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