The Quick Launch Communication Plan

A template internal campaign to help you promote your Workplace launch to an organization of 500 or less.

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What's in the plan?

Key communications

Delivered through email, intranet and Workplace to promote Workplace before, during and after your launch.


Downloadable assets like posters, post cards, desktop backgrounds, intranet banners and more.

Helpful resources

To help you get more value out of Workplace.

Before you get started

Take these steps before sending out launch communications to ensure you're prepared for launch.

Read the Quick Launch Guide

The Quick Launch Guide was designed to help you launch Workplace within days. It’s critical that you follow the steps outlined in this guide to ensure your launch is successful.

Join a live training

Join the Workplace Admin Fundamentals live training to learn how to set up and manage your Workplace effectively.

Explore Workplace resources

Discover resources to help you build an active and engaged Workplace community, from onboarding to driving adoption and engagement.

Want to learn more?

Download the Quick Launch Communication Plan and explore ready-to-use email messages, Workplace posts, downloadable assets and more.

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